Why Us?

People with personal injury cases are often faced with a battle with the insurance companies. Why? The answer is simple. The insurance companies are private for profit businesses. Think for a moment. Have you ever seen an insurance company advertising that their company pays the most injury claims?

The insurance companies have claims departments with trained professionals, trained adjusters, trained attorneys, and enormous resources to minimize or eliminate, if possible, the personal injury claims of people injured by their insureds.

My job is to help make this a fair fight. My main interest is my client's best interest. I have successfully represented thousands of people and their families in reaching fair settlements. If the case cannot be settled fairly, I have successfully tried hundreds of cases for my clients.

My practice is limited to personal injury clients seeking fair compensation. I have a proven track record. That means the insurance companies have to take my client's claims seriously. I do not have to pretend to be a trial lawyer. I do not have to pretend that I will go to court. I do not have to pretend that I know how to try your case. I do not have to pretend that I will not back down or give in. I do not have to pretend any of these things because I have proven over and over that I can protect my client's best interest.

I have been honored as one of the top trial lawyers in America by my inclusion in the Million Dollar Advocates Forum and the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum. I have also been selected by my peers to the North Carolina Super Lawyers List.

One of the biggest compliments that I have received in my practice in law came from the jurors after a trial in Federal Court for the wrongful death of my client. Many of the jurors waited at the elevator for me to exit the building to tell me that the reason they trusted and believed me during my presentation of the evidence and my arguments to the jury was because I "didn't act like I was any better than the jurors."